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APRIL 14, 2024

April 14 @ 10am EST

Having It All: How to Build
Income Now and Create Your
Future Financial Freedom

Gail Doby, Pearl Collective

Interior designers often seek out passive income opportunities to help support the income and lifestyle they want now. It’s possible to do that and build a sustainable business that creates future financial freedom. How? Premier interior design business coach, Gail Doby, walks you through the steps to develop a business that runs without you day-to-day, allowing you to unleash your creative genius and free up your time. Learn to secure a future that aligns with your personal values and goals, providing income now and prosperity for the next phase of your life. And, build value into your business should you want to sell or exit your company.

Gail Doby Gail Doby
April 14 @ 2pm EST

The Role of Media in
Shaping Client Expectations

Tori Sikkema
Kelli Ellis
Courtney Porter, Design News Now
Moderator: Ericka Saurit

The media’s portrayal of interior design has had a significant impact on how clients perceive the design process, often shaping their expectations in terms of timelines, deliverables, and costs. Uncover the realities behind media-influenced client expectations regarding project timelines, budgets, and the design process, often distorted by the allure of instant transformations and trend-focused narratives. This insightful conversation will equip interior designers with strategies to align client perceptions with the practicalities and nuances of authentic design work, fostering successful and realistic project outcomes.

Tori Sikkema Tori Sikkema
Kelli Ellis Kelli Ellis
Courtney Porter Courtney Porter
Ericka Saurit Ericka Saurit
April 14 @ 4pm EST

Purchasing Power:
Maximize your Firm's Potential
with the Best Digital Tools

Julia Nikishina, New Age Financial Consulting
Keith Granet, Granet and Associates
Valerie Lambert, Valia Procurement
Kaitlyn Murphy, Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design
Moderator: Rachel Wagman, Studio Designer

Creating beautiful design is the heart and soul of every design firm, but you need the right business processes to bring your vision to life. With the right systems in place, you get to spend more time doing what you love: designing inspiring one-of-a-kind spaces, working with innovative artisans, and creating exquisite spaces for your trusted clients. Learn how the best in the business structure their office operations, source product and place orders with vendors all while remaining efficient and profitable.

Julia Nikishina Julia Nikishina
Keith Granet Keith Granet
Valerie Lambert Valerie Lambert
Kaitlyn Murphy Kaitlyn Murphy
Rachel Wagman Rachel Wagman